Arkansas Delta Family Gospel Fest

Arkansas Delta Family Gospel Fest

Cherry Street Pavilion

The Arkansas Delta Family Gospel Fest, held each May at the Cherry Street Pavilion, features the finest local, regional, and national gospel performers. The Delta Cultural Center works to build a greater awareness of the cultural aspects of gospel music, its origins in fields of enslaved labor and its explosive expansion in the 20th century atmosphere of recorded music, Northern migration, and mass communications. The Arkansas Delta Family Gospel Fest explores the myriad formats and musical applications that arose to create a uniquely American art form of the Delta.

Future dates:

May 20, 2017

May 19, 2018 


As an extension of our annual Gospel Fest, the Delta Cultural Center presents The Savior Series, featuring local or regional gospel groups as part of Helena's Second Saturday activities. Performers for August 13 will be the Ratio Male Chorus.

The Ratio Male Chorus was formed in 1956 in the small Phillips County town of Ratio, AR. Only one of the original members remains in the group. The Chorus is one of the oldest gospel groups in the area.

The Chorus will be celebrating their 60 year anniversary with performances throughout Phillips County, August 26 - 28.







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