Southland College to be Focus of CW Roundtable of the Delta

Delta Cultural Center - Friday, July 29, 2016

The Civil War Roundtable of the Delta will feature University of Arkansas emeritus professor of history, Thomas Kennedy. Kennedy is the author of A History of Southland College: The Society of Friends and Black Education in Arkansas. The program is slated for Monday, August 29, at Beth El Heritage Hall, beginning at 6 pm.
Southland College was founded by Indiana Quakers who came to Phillips County in 1864 to care for lost and abandoned black children. The school became the first institution of higher education for blacks west of the Mississippi River and survived for six decades. Southland College is remembered for the educational and spiritual possibilities it provided the black community.

Among other things students learned about agriculture and farming. The small photograph shows a bale of cotton being hauled to Helena from Southland farms. 

Kennedy will talk about the history of Southland College, and its place in Arkansas history.