Delta Drop-In to Celebrate the King's Birthday!

Delta Cultural Center - Monday, January 04, 2016

Delta Cultural Center celebrates the 81st birthday of Elvis Presley with a program on the King of Rock and Roll’s travels through the Arkansas Delta in the mid-1950s.


“Delta Cruising With the King” will be the topic of the museum’s Saturday morning Delta Drop-In program on January 9, presented by DCC Assistant Director Thomas Jacques, co-host of the museum’s “Delta Sounds” weekly radio show on KFFA-AM. The program begins at 11 a.m. at the DCC Visitors Center at 141 Cherry St. in downtown Helena-West Helena.


“Many folks either think of Elvis of a phenomenon of Memphis or have heard vague rumors of having some connection to their community, but they know little beyond that,” Jacques noted. “Saturday’s morning’s program looks at that period during his early days when Elvis and bandmates guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black were regularly playing as many Arkansas dates as they could between regular engagements at the Louisiana Hayride at Shreveport.”


Presley and bandmates played shows at Helena’s Catholic Club, as well as auditoriums, clubs, and school gymnasiums across much of eastern Arkansas, as well as the southern part of the state as far as Texarkana.


“We’ll plan to have a listing of show dates and locations, as well as a brief reading list, for those who’d like to explore the subject further,” Jacques said. “And, of course, we’ll be spinning some Elvis tunes.”


The program also provides an opportunity for those with memories of Elvis’ Delta visits to drop in and share their memories, he said.


“We’d love to hear from folks who saw Elvis at Helena or Marianna, or can answer the question of whether he actually made an appearance in the Aubrey community, as well,” Jacques said. “Photos of his Arkansas visits are also scarce and we’d also love to see any photographs from those occasions and have the opportunity to make a scan of them for the museum.”