DCC Announces Summer Enrichment Series

Delta Cultural Center - Thursday, July 14, 2016

Exploring Music Through the Years

July 16: Native Americans called the Delta home for many years before European explorers discovered the rich culture and heritage of the native peoples. All tribes of native peoples would have made musical instruments, including various forms of drums. Drums were used by Native Americans to produce music for ritual dancing. Participants will build an authentic Native American reproduction drum.

July 23: Music in the Delta before the Civil War consisted of African beats and foreign tones used by the enslaved people before the introduction to European cultures. One instrument used by African tribes to produce music is a rattle, which was used to keep a beat in religious and other cultural music. In this workshop participants will create their own African-based rattle.

July 30: During the Civil War many soldiers would have carried a harmonica with them on long marches and fierce battles to stave off the monotony of camp life. Known also as the French Harp, the harmonica is a key instrument in many blues bands today. Participants will get a free harmonica and learn the basics of harmonica playing.

August 6: To complete our summer enrichment series, bluesman Vince Cheney will come to Helena to show participants how to construct a cigar box guitar. Participants will be able to put their own guitar together, learn a song or two on it, and take it home! Cheney is a regular at the annual King Biscuit Blues Fest and has been creating cigar box guitars for years.


  • ¨Workshops are suitable for kids ages 10 and up
  • ¨Enrollment is limited to 15 people (first come, first served)
  • ¨You may enroll in one workshop, or all of them
  • ¨Workshops will be held in the Depot, 95 Missouri St., from 1—2 p.m.
  • ¨Contact Ron Kelley to enroll, or for more information: [email protected], or 870-338-4350