DCC Acquires Photo Album of Southland College

Delta Cultural Center - Friday, March 25, 2016

The Delta Cultural Center recently received a donation of a photo album with pictures of Southland College, the first institution of higher learning for African Americans west of the Mississippi River. Southland College was founded after the Civil War by Quakers who came to Phillips County from Indiana to care for lost and abandoned black children.

The photo album was donated by Mr. Edwin Ratliff, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents were Quakers from Richland, Indiana, who came to Helena in 1917 to be teachers at Southland College. The album consists of about 40 photographs of teachers and children at the college, interiors of buildings, and outdoor scenes of the Southland property and Mississippi River.

The photographs and the information will be used in the future by researchers, by staff to create exhibits, and to develop educational programming about Southland College.

To learn more about Southland College, click here: